Summit of Awesome hits Baltimore in October!

Event I desperately want to attend: Hello Craft’s Summit of Awesome 2011 – it’s happening here in Charm City on October 20th – 22nd!

A weekend of inspiration!

From their website:

The Summit of Awesome is an annual conference that brings together crafters and makers from across the U.S. to learn, grow, and be prosperous in today’s economy. With a desire to help sustain the handmade movement and support independent crafters within the community, Hello Craft welcomes independent business owners and makers to the 2011 Summit of Awesome.

The list of speakers that they are featuring is AMAZING – Megan Auman & Tara Gentile are at the top of my must-meet list, plus folks from MailChimp, Hello Craft, Etsy, Got Craft, Crafting A Green World… and tons of my favourite successful sellers like Figs & Ginger and Biggs & Featherbelle.

Now would be a fantastic time to think about sponsoring me, hint hint. 😉

Somehow, I will get there. I think it’s really important. You should get there, too, if you’re a small-time indiepreneur like me. And if you do, make sure you find me and say hi. Because I’m going to try my best to be there.