In progress from my yarn: Ways to make Xiane happy part 73473

At the WONDERFUL Baltimore show Pile of Craft 2011, I met many lovely people, many of whom bought my yarn. [yes, you’re lovely even if you don’t buy my yarn. I promise!] One of them sent me a message today, letting me know that the infamous Experimental Jet Car is on the needles and on its way to being a shawl!

Experimental Jet Car colourway!

This yarn ^^ is set to become the Tuch/Shawl *Anna*, or as it is newly and appropriately dubbed by my fab customer, Bela Lugosi’s Dead.

I just cannot WAIT to see it when it is finished! I’m going to badger her for a finished pic 😉

If you have a Finished Object made from Threeravens yarn or a yarn spun from Threeravens fiber, I would lovelovelove to see it and share it if possible. Y’all make my heart SING.