Pile of Craft & Baltimore recap!

Let me just say: The Charm City Craft Mafia sure can throw a party show. 😉

I, of course, arrived early – it’s what I do! Luckily for me, the folks were kind enough to let me start setting up early, and so I got down to business at table #1 and set up my yarn & fiber & spindles in a pleasing fashion. Getting a spot for Genevieve was a little more difficult – the spacing behind my table was a bit irregular, and it took a while to find a place where I could sit and spin. The irony? Oh, that after the first 15 minutes of being open, I didn’t have time at all to sit at the wheel. I did get some spindle spinning accomplished, and that seemed to attract many folks to the table.
How many folk were drawn to my table?

…oh, enough to pretty much buy up everything I had.


Seriously, I left with seven yarns and a much smaller basket of fiber. This was the first show at which I’ve sold fiber, and I’m pleased to say that it was a rousing success! Many wet and needle felters purchased – plus there was a surprising and pleasing amount of spinners at the show! It was fabulous to meet so many other fiber artists, both serious and of the dabbling persuasion. [we’ll get all of you serious about it eventually, muahahaaa…]

At the end of the day, it’s much easier to pack up when everything’s sold out. Just sayin’.


The next day, Sunday, was just as action-packed in some ways – and again, totally awesome! Following up on a very welcome recommendation, I took a drive to Hampden and to the delightful Lovelyarns on 36th Street.

Lovelyarns' Sweater Tree

Seriously, I knew it was destiny when I saw the yarnbombed tree out front. <3! I adore this little shop. I felt at home from the moment I climbed the stairs to the front porch, and the owner, Sue Caldwell, welcomed me warmly and immediately wanted to see my yarn and fiber! [evidently someone had taken a skein that they bought at Pile of Craft to show her - boy, did I feel like a rock star!] I took a little bit of time to look around and check out things like the amazingly cool and Baltimore-referential hand-dyed yarn from Snallygaster Fibers, and the clothesline of sock yarn samples along the wall… and left with an exclusive agreement with Lovelyarns to be the sole carrier of Threeravens Art Yarns and Fibers in Baltimore City.


Let me tell you, I think my yarn & fiber will feel quite at home and loved there! And the best part? I’ll be back on September 11th for their so-very-kickass PLY Party, which is a trunk show turned fiber festival – in fact, it’s the only fiber festival in B’more City at present, so may I suggest that you get on that horse and take it for a ride? Oh yeah. It’s gonna be great. I’ll be talking more about it as it gets closer, but I’m told there’s a tower of cupcakes and plenty of wine… all the better to prime you for primo fiber fondling! 😉

So yes, Baltimore was a total blast, and now I’m even more eager than ever to be moving back to my hometown. I also managed to squeeze in trips to the Daily Grind in Fells Point, Paper Moon for a delicious dinner, and walking along the Gunpowder River. Tried to go to Lake Roland, but evidently there is renovation… here’s hoping that it’ll be reopened by September!