A Crafty Holiday – Handmade For The Holidays, Please!

“Why should I buy Handmade for the Holidays?”

Y’know, I get asked this a lot – and I have answers, oh yes! So when I saw that Angela Flicker of The Artist’s House was proposing a Blog Hop to talk more about buying handmade, and showing off lovely shopping suggestions – well, you can guess that I was immediately ready to join in!

For me, a big part of why I love Handmade items is the story behind them, and the connection I get to the artist – another person like myself, working with their hands to create beautiful things, and often trying to make a living doing what they love.

I also appreciate the uniqueness of these items; I’m not going to find such well-crafted and special gifts in any big-box store!

buy handmade!

Most importantly, I’m making a statement with my choices: I love the recipient and want him/her to have something special, carefully crafted, and uncommon – something created with as much thought as I put into choosing the present.
And I feel so strongly about supporting other artisans and their efforts, that I didn’t just go the “easy” way and join the mobs of people at the mall; instead, I invested my dollars back into the Handmade Community, because I believe in voting with my dollar. How can I ask for people to buy my things if I don’t show them WHY by doing the same?

handmade pledge

So with this in mind, let me show you some of my favourite shops and items to visit when I’m looking for lovely and well-crafted handmade items. Let’s go shopping!

Shopping with Mireio at Etsy.com

Shopping with Mireio at Etsy.com

skating gnome balsam ornament
lavender filled acorn sachets
glamorous glitter candle
buckwheat hull pilow


Shopping with MisterOtherOne at Etsy.com

hoot brooch
button cluster pendant in pink
bobby pins
vintage flower rings


Shopping with LaiGrai at Etsy.com

exaggerated chain cowl
sunset ikat pillow
historiette vest
quarry purse

Please keep checking back for more Handmade recommendations, both here via the Get To Know & Friday I’m In Love segments, and by continuing on through the A Crafty Holiday Blog Hop! Tomorrow, Nimo will have thoughts and suggestions for you – or if you’d like to read through the whole Hop, and I recommend you do! – go to http://angelaflicker.com/a-crafty-holiday/ to see the entire line-up.

Have a Happy Handmade Holiday!