Mr Blue Sky

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Right now, the sky is that shade of blue that only seems to happen in October – one that looks so right when framed by orange and red and gold leaves. The bees are in my back yard, desperately trying to get whatever nectar they can from the wildflowers, before everything dies back. I have a rainbow of yarns drying on a rack on my patio, blowing in the brisk breeze. Needless to say, today is a perfect day.

This time of year is really good for me, too, when it comes to getting work done. I’ve been teaching Intro to Spinning classes, and carding up 10 million + 1 batts… I have a gorgeous yarn on the bobbin now that has grey/deep pink/magenta/orange tones, and it makes me SO happy to spin it! [you’ll see photos soon, I promise!] Once the yarns are finished drying out back, I’ll re-skein, measure, tag, and list them in my shop. And I’ve been busy making new connections, too – hopefully some that will have exciting effects on this space! *suspense, ooooh*

So! What’s been happening so far for you in October? What’s your favourite part of the season – apples, pumpkins, leaves, cooler weather, Halloween, or…?